For the frequent visitors of Bali, Nyepi is a well known holiday cheap nba jerseys and an cheap nfl jerseys even more well known day of silence. It cheap nba jerseys is such a special and important day for the Balinese that practically just a few things move on the island.

Nyepi marks the arrival Choices of spring. It’s a day intended for self-reflection and any activities that might disturb this are not allowed. These mandatory religious prohibitions include no pleasure (amati lelangon), no traffic (amati lelungan), no fire (amati geni) and no work (amati karya).

This special day of silence and meditation started in 1983 and this year it will be celebrated on March 9th 2016 but there’s quite a few important details that travellers need to know about this date so point by point here we go:

  1. The silence begins at 5AM on 9 March 2016 and will go on for 24 hours.
  2. All shops in Bali will be closed.
  3. Guests have to stay inside the resort/hotel. There are no transportation services available.
  4. The resort/hotel kitchen may be closed for hot meals but we at Villa L’Orange Bali will make sure to have everything prepared.
  5. All sounds Not need to be kept at a minimum. Music playing systems, TV’s etc
  6. There will be Lions no traffic on the island.
  7. The airport Ngurah Rai International will be closed for the entire day of March 9th 2016. All connecting airports around the globe are aware of this restriction.
  8. Across Bali, only the emergency rooms and maternity sections will be open and active so medical emergencies are taken in consideration.

Maybe for some cheap jerseys westerns such a holiday may sound Cheap somehow weird but this helps to understand how special Bali really is.

Pecalang (Bali’s traditional community security guards) patrol the island’s ghost-town streets in their distinctive black-and-white-checked sarongs. If they find anyone breaking the rules and the curfew, they’ll escort them back to the Banjar (the village council-the community extension of the house and family), where they will have to pay a fine. Interesting isn’t it ? ?

Throughout March 9th the guests of Villa L’Orange Bali need to know that we will operate at a minimum management but we will try to serve all your needs to the best of our abilities.

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