Dear friends, first of all welcome to a brand new website of Villa L’Orange Bali. This is a big change for us and cheap nfl jerseys even a bigger Nfl chance for future developments which will ensure a state of the art reservation experience for all of us.

A couple of months ago, a big necessity for change has filled our minds when we found ourselves more or less stuck in the process of securing reservations quickly and safely on the internet. That is when we made the decision that cheap mlb jerseys a new website and a brand new reservation system is necessary so we start working right then and there.

The result? point by point … this is it:

1. A fresh new look for the entire website.
2. A faster and more reliable website.
3. A secure, verified and licensed website. This R means that we are using a state of the art SSL certificate for the entire time you are connected on our website. This means that no information that we share together will ever be accessible to anyone.

At the same time, this means that you will be able to safely process on-line payments on our website using PayPal or credit/debit cards.

4. A brad new reservation system with instant confirmation. It is cheap jerseys a big change for us because before we never shared our availability. Time brings changes and we must adapt … now you are able to view our availability in real until time and also reserve and pay for the entire booking / extras.
5. More direct information about our services. It’s no secret for our returning guests and for the guests we already had that we cheap mlb jerseys believe in transparent communication, in sincerity, integrity and loyalty. We brought these beliefs in our new website and you will feel it at the first glance.
6. Easier to find what you are looking for. We know that for those who do not know us it is important to learn as much as possible about our location, our services, the guest reviews and so on.

That is why we directly and sincerely published along with the proper logos all the main websites where we advertise ourselves directly and where you will be able to know us through the eyes of past guests.

7. A fully functional blog…. and this is where it gets interactive. We plan on writing to you and to the entire world. We Season wish to present our thoughts, our feelings and everything that we believe is important about Bali and Indonesia.

We won’t write about promotional ideas all the time but we will from time by to time share our special offers. We will however write about the universe, about personal experiences, guest stories and about Bali.

We stay in touch, we believe that everything will be ok and somewhere along the line … we will always find a solution.

With respect, friendship cheap jerseys and appreciation,

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